“Oh my God! were you serious?”. A statement from the person next to me. This was my first time washing the car. A week ago, the car had been used to take the office members to a data fair meeting in Nakuru county. The weather was rainy and absolutely the roads were muddy. You can imagine how the car was.I had to do it. Enough water ,vacuum cleaner ,soap, a towel, buckets were my first ingredients.

“Look at the wheels?”. “Oh my,they are so dirty.” I have to do it. I tried doing it with a general guide from one of my colleagues. I used a lot of water. I was doing it repeatedly because i had a fixed mind that it wont be tidy so first.  I have now to develop a positive mental attitude towards it. Get used to it. What does my mind tells me?

My mind speaks on its own. It has this question of “why “?. Why am i doing this?. Why am i being exposed to what i definitely was not doing before?. Do i really feel like doing it?. Has my body really accepted this?. So many questions have arose and more are still flowing inside my mind. Perhaps it is to teach me the value of persistence in life. This persistence may make me develop a positive mental attitude towards life in general and also help me identify my wants and desires. The detailed washing of the car especially  will teach me on how to be detailed and thorough throughout my work and also everything i do in general. The humility in me is enough and cant be increased nor depreciated.

The new experience is quite interesting. Passersby pointing fingers and asking me rhetoric questions. “Are you washing the car today?”. ” You look so happy doing it!”. I smile at them and say ” Yes, i do “. This goes for five hours. I go back to the office. I acquire a new name from a colleague , “Mechanic! are you okay?, are we winning?” This amuses me more.

Washing of the car teaches me a lot of things in life. First of all, people are so choosy when it comes to work. They have in their mind that some work is not entitled to them. They pity those who they expect to work in office and does out of office environment work. They equate it to persecution. But, what do i say, ” All work is good work, it depends on  on a person”s mentality”. I have to struggle till the end.

Am in a school. It does not have any any school name. I am learning a lot of. Especially life skills. Persistence and humility have  been my main virtues for day”s to day”s events.They keep me going. I am on the move. Hope tomorrow brings me more and better learning.


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