My first time was scary. I was nervous, almost suffocating. There was no thrill of expectation. I felt as if I would faint as blood surged into my throbbing temples. My ears felt erect. It was as if somebody had pulled them overnight. Would I last for even five minutes? Based on my breathing rate, and the fact that I was sweating profusely,  I knew it could be hard.

While in school, the had been talks among the big girls for what it felt like. The sweetness of the whole experience and how real the action tasted for the first time. None of this was preparation for what I currently felt. My boyfriend helped me out off my top. I closed my eyes, tried to calm my breathing, mumbled a prayer and tried to force a smile, swallowing saliva and clearing my throat to shake off my nervousness.

Ten minutes into the match, my lungs were almost bursting. I felt like asking the coach for a sub. Will I even last until halftime? It took one cross to the penalty box to calm my nerves. The anxiety was wiped off. The cheering from the fans in the aftermath took away all the fear. I could run better, breath better, and handle the ball with care.

To cut the long story short, we won the intervillage girls soccer tournament and we were proceeding to the district level. What a feeling!


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