My first time was scary. I was nervous, almost suffocating. There was no thrill of expectation. I felt as if I would faint as blood surged into my throbbing temples. My ears felt erect. It was as if somebody had pulled them overnight. Would I last for even five minutes? Based on my breathing rate,... Continue Reading →



Our society has always been used to the normal HIV testing kits(needle plus the kit itself). Many at times I have talked to my friends about if they really know their status. A good number of them pose a positive response. The remaining number always have this notion of "Kila saa waenda kupima nawe? Pimapima... Continue Reading →


Born from a small village inĀ  the Western Kenya Region.Raised in a family of boys.Protection been the uttermost privilege she had received in her life.She still yearns for more. Oops! Its reducing day by day.I hope she gets more around the brethren she meets on her journey to the end life. Her journey entails meeting... Continue Reading →

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