Born from a small village in  the Western Kenya Region.Raised in a family of boys.Protection been the uttermost privilege she had received in her life.She still yearns for more. Oops! Its reducing day by day.I hope she gets more around the brethren she meets on her journey to the end life. Her journey entails meeting life’s economic and social demands.She believes this will only be achieved through the help of other people who cares about the hood aspect.

She has grown up knowing that for success to be achieved, one has to commit to a certain level of personal growth. This commitment is self-driven. Yes,some external factors may arise, but,  it is that self initiative that will make it possible. Keeping on learning has been part of her. Although, she has been to choosy on what she wants to know.She opens her ears for all.

She meets several people.They do impact on her both positively and negatively.She learns from all of them.She meets this one person,who has better intentions in her life. This person wants to make her grow. Grow to a better person. Grow to an all round person. A person who knows how to define herself. A person who can do what parents, early childhood life,school and college  did not afford to offer her.Yes, she appreciates this person. She wishes this person would have been around since the age of four when she started school.Perhaps, she would be better than the way she is. It is not late for her. She is in her twenties and she will not sleep. Why?. She wants to learn more and develop skills that she does not have for now. The sixteen years in school were not enough for her to learn more and more about life.She is currently in a proper school,a school where learning is inevitable, introduction to new stuff, where the instructors are all over,where talking about every day experiences is allowed, because everyone is entitled for that. She accepts.

She is struggling to write this.She believes she does not possess the skills to write this. But she has to. She can speak for herself eloquently. Why cant she write?. Is writing not part of her? What is difficult ? Are the words pronounced in her brain lack spellings? They do. Its high time she starts doing it. Yes,she has the capacity. Today, is the time. She has to speak her mind. Do it to the fullest. She will do it through writing. Perhaps this one will make her improve her writing skills. Especially in her desired field of knowing more about data science. A field whereby curiosity is the daily ringtone, reporting and blogging being relevant to daily events. She believes she will not tire. She will make it to be better her skills in writing.

She stamps her value on herself. She will make herself great through others. She believes it will not take long her long to better and learn more. This is the day. She starts!.



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